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Our Mulch products are aplenty with three basic categories of Hardwood Mulch, Colored Mulch and Softwood Mulch. The Hardwood Mulches consist of a three products derived from local tree trimmings. Root Mulch is a very fluffy, fine screened product that will easily convert to a soil amendment by the time your bed needs to be refreshed. Premium fine mulch contains a mixture of these mulch fines along with mulch chips with an average length of 2”. The Double Ground mulch also has this combination, but it contains slightly more wood chips. Colored Mulches are wood chips dyed in a biodegradable colorant and come in Red, Black and Brown. Softwood Mulches command a premium as they are transported from throughout North America where such forests exist. Pine Bark, Hemlock and Cedar are readily available at our site and offer an alternative functional, aesthetic and aromatic option to your mulch bed.

Colored Mulches

2017 BLACK DYE MULCH2017 Brown Dye Mulch



Root Mulch

2017 Root Mulch


Double Ground Mulch



Premium Fine Mulch

2017 Premium Fine


Hemlock Mulch



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